Vision & Mission


Our vision is closely aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030, and we intend to become one of Saudi Arabia’s leading gold and base metals producers. In working to fulfil this vision we fully embrace the Mining Principles set out by (ICMM) with a particular emphasis on environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We further wish to be recognized as the employer of choice for the new generation of talented Saudi men and women who wish to enter our industry


Our mission is to explore and uncover gold and base metals projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Through our unwavering commitment to safety and environmental stewardship, we aim to develop and operate these projects with utmost responsibility. By doing so, we strive to generate sustainable value for our esteemed shareholders and foster the growth and prosperity of the local communities we operate in.


Our values, aligned with the vision and the Saudi Vision 2030, encompass excellence, alignment, sustainability, social responsibility, talent development, integrity, and collaboration. These values guide our commitment to advancing industry practices, fostering an inclusive and safe workplace, engaging with communities, collaborating with stakeholders, ensuring environmental sustainability, and responsibly managing resources.

Company Structure

Gold and Minerals was established in 2009 as a Limited Liability company – mixed (Registration Number 1010292917) with a paid-up capital of 121 430 816 Saudi Riyal. It is jointly owned by its founding shareholders ABDUL RAHMAN SAAD AL-RASHID & SONS COMPANY LTD., a company incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“ARTAR”); and KEFI Gold and Copper Plc, an AIM listed company (“KEFI”)