About Us

Gold And Minerals Limited Company (GMCO) was Established in 2009 to explore and develop gold and base metals projects in the Arabian Nubian shield area of Saudi Arabia, GMCO was formed as a joint venture between Abdul Rahman Saad Al-Rashid and Sons Co. (closed Joint-stock) ‘ARTAR’, and KEFI Gold and Copper Plc.

GMCO head office is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and in addition, has an administration Office Bisha city, Aseer province. The company currently has two major projects the Jibal Qutman gold project in Bisha city and the Hawiah base metals project in Al Taif which includes the two recently awarded Al Godeyer Exploration licenses. In addition to this, the company has a further 20 exploration licenses under the application. The experienced, multi-national team comprises geologists and engineers from Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Egypt, Canada and Namibia.

What sets GMCO apart?

Aisha Alshahrani

"Gold and Minerals Company is distinguished by its keenness to develop employees’ skills. Also, the work environment is very smooth and communication with management is easy"

Saad Alharthi

"Employees empowerment is the most prominent feature of Gold and Minerals Company, as it enhances a person’s self-confidence, which is reflected in his job performance."

Reem Althaqafi

"What distinguishes GMCO is the fair competition between employees, which motivates the employee to learn and develop, and it can be said that I learn something new from every person every day."

Ziyad Alsuwat

" What distinguishes GMCO is the belief in the individual’s productivity and ability to accomplish tasks competently, and this is the greatest catalyst for development and growth. "

Mohsen Alqahtani

"What distinguishes GMCO is the ease of communication between employees and with management, as this contributes to enhancing cooperation among the members."

Khalid Aloraini

"Working in Gold and Minerals Company has helped me build a better social personality due to job nature and this has helped me to paint a clearer picture of the society."