Responsible Mining

ESSR (Environment, Social, And Safety Responsibility)​

ESSR (Environment, Social, and Safety Responsibility) represents our commitment to the environment, society, and the safety of our employees and stakeholders. We understand the importance of preserving the environment, promoting social well-being, and ensuring a safe working environment. These responsibilities are deeply embedded in all our activities, as we strive to minimize the negative impacts of our operations.

In line with our values, we actively prioritize ESSR by implementing comprehensive strategies and protocols. We continuously assess and mitigate risks, adhering to the highest standards and regulatory requirements. Our aim is to go beyond mere compliance and actively contribute to sustainable development.

“Our ambition is to become the leader in the field of exploration and mining in Saudi Arabia. This ambition stretches beyond our technical achievements and embraces the improvement of the communities in which we work as well and being recognised for our stewardship in managing the environments in which we work. I am proud of the work we have done so far and enjoin our employees and communities to share in our passion for making our world better.”

 Brian Hosking CEO of GMCO

Health And Safety


  • GMCO strives for zero harm across its sites and operations, prioritizing the eradication of incidents, accidents, and injuries while minimizing hazards. A culture of personal responsibility is fostered at GMCO, where employees safeguard their well-being and that of their colleagues.


  • To enhance occupational health and safety, GMCO sets and evaluates goals aligned with stakeholder expectations, best practices, and emerging technologies. Rigorous risk management practices are implemented to monitor workplaces effectively.


  • GMCO complies with all legal requirements and obligations, operating within the law. It provides resources, training, and personal protective equipment to mitigate risks and improve standards.

Environmental And Social Responsibility

  • At GMCO, we embody three core principles: we care, we growth, and we excel. Our strong emphasis on relationships with host communities guides our actions. We are committed to conducting operations that minimize risk and maximize opportunities for locals, employees, contractors, and the environment.


  • Our long-term, strategic approach ensures communities benefit from our activities. Aligned with our principles, we actively support preserving the environment, traditions, and values of host communities. We contribute to their development, promoting economic and social well-being through partnerships with relevant government departments.


  • GMCO is dedicated to providing legal and ethical support and investment, serving the legitimate interests of host communities.

GMCO 5 Golden Rules


  1. Personal Safety Commitment: Each individual is dedicated to ensuring their own safety at all times.
  2. Peer Welfare: We have a responsibility to actively care for the well-being of our colleagues.
  3. Vehicle Safety: Safety protocols and precautions for vehicle operations are given paramount importance.
  4. Risk Awareness: We remain vigilant in identifying and mitigating risks, placing a strong emphasis on proactive risk management.
  5. Individual Accountability: Every person holds the accountability for maintaining a safe operating area, recognizing that safety is a shared responsibility.